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Energy Management Manuals:

School Operations and Maintenance: Best Practices for Controlling Energy Costs
This guidebook is for K-12 School System Business Officers and Facilities Managers. The document, published in August 2004, provides excellent guidance on implementing an energy management program.

Following are the O&M Best Practice Series of free downloadable manuals to assist with maintaining more energy efficient buildings.

  1. Fifteen O&M Best Practices For Energy-Efficient Buildings (PDF 1.1MB). An overview of 15 O&M best practices that building owners and managers can employ to make their buildings more energy-efficient. These best practices are divided into four major categories: management, teamwork, resources, and energy-efficient. (2/28/06)
  2. Operation and Maintenance Service Contracts: Guidelines for Obtaining Best-Practice Contracts for Commercial Buildings (PDF 2.4MB). Frequently, building owners and managers outsource most if not all of the O&M services for their building systems. This publication provides an overview of current outsourcing trends and options, with guidelines for obtaining and managing good service. (2/28/06)
  3. Portable Dataloggers: Diagnostic Monitoring Tools for Energy-Efficient Building Operation (PDF 1.0MB). A review of the benefits of using portable dataloggers and criteria for selecting data loggers.
  4. Operation and Maintenance Assessments: A Best Practice for Energy-Efficient Building Operation (PDF 1.7MB). Significant low-cost savings in energy and staff time as well as other non-energy benefits can be realized through operation assessments and building tune-ups. The guide provides information on how to plan and orchestrate the process. (2/28/06)
  5. Energy Management Systems: A Practical Guide (PDF 4.4MB). A guidebook covering the following topics: evaluating an existing EMS; specifying and selecting a new EMS; commissioning new EMS; service contracts for EMS; strategies for optimizations; using EMS for operational diagnostics; non-energy control applications; sample control specification language; and using spreadsheets for graphing and analyzing trend data.
  6. Putting the “O” Back in O&M: Best Practices in Preventive Operations, Tracking and Scheduling (PDF 644kB). This document addresses continual schedule optimization and provides staff with methods to assess day-to-day operation of major plant equipment. The document also emphasizes enhancing O&M plans to give equal weight to operational issues. (2/28/06)

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